IoTLive #002

Doug Standley

Founder and CEO

Doug Standley

Founder and CEO


Douglas Standley is a recognized leader in the design of disruptive technology innovation strategies. He is currently the founder and CEO of Societal Innovation Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries nioInnovation Ltd, nioMedia Ltd.

Doug is passionate about applying emerging technologies to create “societal innovation” solutions with broad commercial application, bringing visionary thinking to actionable strategy. As an innovation evangelist and entrepreneur, he constantly scans the environment, uncovering and interpreting trends for new technology applications, and opportunities to create societal innovation. He is known for building teams of smart, energetic, and creative individuals.

In his former role as Principal, Practice Leader, and Eminence Fellow at Deloitte Consulting. He is recognized for his pioneering research on: digital technologies, digital, RFID, M2M, Internet of Things, and Advancing Semantic Platforms.

IoT Live Activity

Panel 1 – The Evolution of IoT Platforms

9:15-10:15 EST
(1515-1615 CEST)